Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A quick update.

Just a quick update  as I've not posted in a while. Work on the 15mm Feudal English army for  DBA continues (photos to follow) and should should be completed in the next three weeks as for the first time in ages (2 years) I'm getting back into the gaming saddle with a game of DBA, hopefully a few photos to follow.
Well that's it for now,
Happy gaming
Jason :-)

Friday, 3 April 2015

Feudal English, first photos.

Here's the first photos of my new 15mm Feudal English, I've not painted in months and I've not painted 15mm in years. So I dusted down the painting station primed some figures and here's the first results, I decided to hand paint the heraldry and repaint printed banners so they blended in with the overall look. Not 100% happy with these first stands(elements)  but starting to go in the right direction....hopefully.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A nod to the past and Inspiration

It been absolutely ages since my last post but I've finally got some paint on my first 15mm in years (photos to follow).As explained in my last post's I'm going back to DBA in 15mm and first off building a Feudal English Army. Even though my collections 6mm/10mm/28mm have all now been sold I will be looking back at some photos of my previous Feudal armies in these scales to get the feel of the armies I've previously had, a nod to the past as it were. As with my previous Feudal armies I will be taking inspiration from the Jason Askew medieval paintings show below to give the army a battle worn look without hopefully not looking badly painted.