Friday, 7 November 2014

DBA 3 (Nice one)

Just received my!! Thought Id never see the day, this is a really nice rule book. I doff my hat  to those who brought DBA into the new age. It needed it and its been done well.


  1. Very nice ! Been ages sins I played DBA, might try it again, where to buy it?

    Best regards Michael

  2. Hi Michael. Got mine from Black hat here in the UK. I think it is available from Amazon. There's loads of info on TMP.

  3. Ill be getting a copy too. Ill just use Impetus based units, I should have enough now!

    DBA is a pretty cool game.

  4. So pleased with the new edition.

  5. Impetus is my game and likely will remain so(for sure on 28mm). That said on to my thoughts on DBA 3.0.

    Didn't like DBA 1.0 through 2.2 all that much rules wise, but did like the idea of building a bunch of small armies to satisfy the butterfly effect. Maybe this version of the rules might be just enough better to push me into gaming it. I'll buy a copy and try out a game or two and see. Hopefully I will like it as it would really be fun collecting 15/18mm pocket armies to use and finding players wouldn't be too hard.