Monday, 9 June 2014

The scale of things to come and a little something else.

As I've  written recently my wargaming mojo has gone ,I've not painted in months and I haven't had a game in ages. Then the other day whilst reading through the Medieval posts on the 'Lead Adventure' and 'TMP' Forums I saw some Feudal/Medieval armies in 15mm beautifully painted and based. I thought hmm? quiet like the look of them. Now as is very apparent on this Blog and my now closed 28mm Blog I do like a Medieval army (to say the least) and I've collected them in many scales but mainly 10mm. Hmm? (I thought again):-

Is it the hobby I'm tired of ?....No, I normally always enjoy painting and researching armies, even when not gaming.

Is it the Historical periods I'm tired of?...No like everything from Ancients to ECW, though Medieval is the one that floats my boat.

Is it the 10mm scale that at the moment I'm jaded with?... In all honesty?... it could be.  For many years apart from the odd dip of the toe in the 28mm scale of things and a big flirt with 15mm back in the day all my gaming and painting has been 10mm, Ive painted and collected a hell of a lot of the 10mm Medieval figures that's out there, maybe I need something different to paint? Yep I enjoy painting 28mm but the thought of collecting a full army at this scale again just doesn't compute at the moment. Collecting and painting 10mm armies is great, they look great en mass and in my honest opinion 10mm is the best scale to game in, but on the painting side while it is very enjoyable it can(when putting a full army together) become rather like  a production line. Also 10mm gamers in my area are now very thin on the ground :-(

So with all this in mind I'm going back to where it all (historically, Scale, and rules) began....I've decided to go with what floats my boat,  yep, the Medieval period...scale wise I'm going for 15mm??!! which isn't grandscale but its grand enough for me if it gets me painting again. In the rules set department I'm going DBA2.2 and DBA3 when it comes out with an eye on Big Battle DBA with 36 elements. The army I'm putting together will be close to the one I did in 28mm ( but didn't finish) on my 'In The Hall of the Plastic King' Blog, a Feudal English Army. This one will be slightly later being an army from around the time of Mr Long shanks himself 'Edward I'.
I'm still going to post up my 15mm progress on here even though the project isn't 10mm as I believe Blogs are a great way of keeping a project bobbing along nicely.

So that's where its all at :-) Thanks for reading and following my Blog and I hope there will be something in this next project to keep you doing so. I will be returning to my beloved 10mm in the future, just not yet, though I will continue to post any 10mm/6mm stuff I find interesting.


PS, there is going to be a surprise competition coming up in the next few months so I hope you pop back when I post details ;-)