Saturday, 10 May 2014

Like picking a lock with a wet herring.

Well its happened, its tried to raise its head in the past but its finally happened 'painters block'. 
 In the past its been a bit slow to get going but now I just look a the unpainted lead and think how, why, when.  I've  loads of lovely shiny new 10mm goodies to paint but I just cant engage head to paint. A full Late Roman army and I cant even think how I want it to look. I have lost the painting mojo, I cant even compose how I want my command bases modelled which is the thing I do first and foremost as it gives the feel of the rest of the army. I've lost my painting, gaming and slightly geeky  muse. I couldn't  have summed it up better than this:


  1. I've had that happen before too. You just have to walk away for a little bit and that mojo will return.

  2. Agreed. Sometimes the mind needs to rest so the spirit can rejuvenate. Rome wasn't built in a day!

  3. Good luck with it, seems good advice above, just a break, maybe watch a few war films or a book you know that will get the juices flowing again


  4. It will pass. I've been wallowing in it for months now, and it's only just loosened up in the last week. Take a break, and come back when it feels like recreation again.


  5. It will pass, I think we have all been there.


  6. Hi Jason I'm there with you only started tonight again, not painted since I did those figures for your prize. It will pass.
    All the best

  7. Thanks for the replies chaps, still no painting happening but as you say it will probably pass.