Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Next full Army? The decision has been made.

Back in January I was mulling over what would be the next full army I would collect and paint? Would I stick with my beloved Medieval period? Maybe something late like a Tudor army or an Italian Condotta  army? It would have to be something I could really get stuck into researching painting and modelling as the gaming side of things at the moment are on the quiet front. So I've decided to really try something new I decided to collect an Ancients army (!?).....now I've painted and played Ancients in the past, a little in 15mm but mainly in 6mm having collected, painted and gamed Early Imperial Romans, Seleucid and Parthians. So with this in mind and more than a little thought (maybe too much) over the last three months I've gone for a Late Roman Army. A period I know very little about so plenty of reading and research to be done on that front.
I decided to go for 10mm which is a scale I've never collected Ancients in, and I'm going with Pendraken as a manufacturer. The Phone order went in yesterday (yippee!!) so all there is to do now is wait for them to arrive. I'm looking at Little Big Man studios for shield transfers which I will order over the coming days.

Well that's all for now,
Thanks for reading, 


  1. Great! Im looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Ahem, thats my next army too...But in 15mm from legio Heroica for Impetus..... Make sure you post up any interesting facts you find out!


  2. Sounds fun, I am doing the late period in 15mm but only have the one unit done so far


  3. Excellent! I'll look forward to seeing some painted up!!

  4. I have them in 28mm(Foundry, Musketeers) and plan on getting them in 15mm(LH) and yep you guessed it I have them also in 10mm from Pendraken. While the Pendraken ones are very nice they don't produce any enemies for them so you will need to go to other manufacturers to find some. I asked if Pendraken if they will make some and they said they plan too.


  5. I looked into 10mm too, as I was going to get some for Dux Bellorum, but as you say there are no enemies...

    Good to hear they plan to make some though.


  6. A Late Roman Army would look great. I'll be following this to see how they paint up! And getting some hints hopefully ;>)