Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Best 10mm 2014, You decide!

Well It's Back the best 10mm miniatures poll, and as always only you can decide. Choose your favourite Manufacturer from the list on the right hand side of the Blog page and give them a click to register your vote. This year the period scale we looking at is from Ancients to Napoleonic, please keep this in mind when you vote. The poll will be up for two weeks, as always I will check and count votes daily as you know sometimes Blogger polls can switch off for no reason!?

Three times winners of the award are  Pendraken below with their 2012 trophy on the trade stand after being awarded at the Triples show.

Who can take the crown and stop Pendraken winning again you Decide!!

Now all thats left to say is good luck! to all those manufacturers who are entered and to all you 10mm gamers get voting may the best 10mm win!!


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