Thursday, 17 April 2014

And the winner is........

Welcome to our annual 'Best 10mm Manufacturer' award.
First of all I know this years award has been later than usual so my apologises for that. 
Secondly and most importantly  I,d like to thank everyone who voted in this years poll and as always a lot of you did, so once again thanks to you all. Now without any further ado in reverse order the top three best 10mm manufacturers for 2014 are ( opens gold envelope) :-

3rd place......TB line

2nd place......Kallistra

And in 1st place with 47%  of the vote! is :-

(Scroll down slowly)

(Long silence to build the tension)

The chaps from Pendraken were unable to be here to accept the trophy in person so the trophy will be sent to them in the post or given to them at the Triples wargames show later this year. I will try and get a few words from our winners later and post up soon.

Well done to all those who got votes, places below the top three where quite close so maybe next year we will see one of them heading towards the top.

Well that's it for another year lets hope there will be lots more for those of us who choose to collect and game in the best scale to enjoy over the next twelve months.

Jason :-)

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