Wednesday, 19 March 2014

2nd Place and best 10mm is on the horizon.

Blimey!! March already, the year marches on. So without any further ado just to let you know my command base managed 2nd Place in the Pendraken painting competition, more by luck/default really as first place was tied but they did say there was only one point between the top three so I will take it :-)

Now for news about the up and coming best 10mm manufacture poll, this is a competition I started about four years ago so people could vote for their favourite 10mm, votes are always well into the hundreds so with this kind of interest  I'm going to run it again this year. For the last three outings  it has been won by Pendraken. If you've any manufacture you would like to see listed for this year poll post a reply and I will add them to the list. This year the poll will cover Ancients to Napoleonic (no WWII  or onwards this year).