Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gifts and painting competition entry.

A few weeks ago fellow Blogger Sean me to say he had some left over miniatures that he was going to paint up and send over, Blimey I thought what a nice chap. Well they've arrived and double Blimey these are really nicely painted and just what I needed to add to my Scots army, 2 units of Northern English Rebels one  spear and their mounted lords ( I added a couple of fig's to the knights to bring the unit to twelve). I think he should enter the Spear into Pendrakens painting comp to be honest. So here's a couple of photos for you to cast your eyes over :-) (Any blurriness is down to my poor photography in reality these are crisp)

And now for my latest painting project this is my entry in the Pendraken painting comp, a command stand for a French HYW army. I'm not 100% with this entry or the photos but I will give it a go and try and get something better for next year.


  1. Very nice chap indeed !

    Very good painted minis by you both !

  2. Wow! They look great - what a thoughtful and generous gift from Sean. You command looks great too!

  3. Hi Jason they look great the way you based them, love your entry to the Pendraken painting competition, good luck with it
    All the best

  4. Better late than never, well done on your entry getting 2nd place. Some really stiff competition, excellent command base!