Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Armies Muster SoW Review Pt2

Here is my second post in the Seasons of War review, in this post I will just explain very quickly the basic anatomy of the unit.
In SoW the unit stats aren't listed showing what various troop types need on a D6 stat line with Move,Shoot,Attack,Defence.Save, Leadership, Cost etc. 
In SoW you use various types of dice depending on the Troop type in the Unit, below is an example of a unit as shown in the Main Rule Book book army list section.Also all foot move 4" and all Mounted move 8". When attacking and defending in melee and shooting, results are worked out on higher against lower scores on the relevant dice type. In my opinion I think this will simplify army list writing and lessens any paper keeping during the game.

 Norman knights (Heavy Cav/Skilled)
 22pts per Base
Displine Type: D10
Morale Type: D8
Attack Type: D6
Amour Type: D8
Special equipment: Lances,Javelins
Strategic Actions: Feigned Flight

So using the above Info a 4 base unit of Norman Knights could be shown as this

1 x Unit-Hv-Sk Cav(4), D-D10,  M-D8, A-D6, A-D8.Lance/Jav-88pts

I hope all that makes some sense.Next up Battle Report and in game info 'Bloodshed Beyond the Walls of Acre. Here's a couple of photos showing the armies mustering:-


  1. Hi Jason those look great...tempt me not with this period.
    All the best

  2. You could simplify it by dropping the 'D's.

    1 x Unit-Hv-Sk Cav(4), D10, M8, A6, R8.Lance/Jav-88pts

    The 'R' is for 'Ar'mor to eliminate a point of confusion.