Saturday, 19 October 2013

A return to DBA.

Its been ages since my last post so first off..Glad to be back in the realm of the Grandscale:-) So without any further ado here's what's happening, my old gaming chum has been back down in sunny Lancashire for a couple of days this week so we thought we'd get some gaming in :-)  Now I've not gamed for ages, at least 2 months as its been mainly painting for me. He like wise hasn't gamed for a long time, so it was decided to play something that we would be up to speed with,  back in the day we played using many rules sets  Impetus, Warmaster and DBA being the main three. Since then  we sold off the Impetus rules (mistake), Warmaster was an option but we wanted to play at least two games in the evening changing sides after each battle. With this in mind we went for the old favourite DBA 2.2 and what better armies to use but Medieval Scots (Scotland now being his place of residence) and HYW English. What follows are a few photos of the armies in action. Both armies are from the Pendraken ranges apart from the skirmishers(psiloi) which are Magister Militum. Apologies for the quality  of the photos as the light wasn't very good. Sorry there is no commentary on the games but what I can say is both games were good fun and close with one victory for the Scots (with the buttocks of death)and one victory for the English (with a lucky dice roll). With me commanding the loosing side in both games.