Sunday, 16 June 2013

Something to try and I hardly spent a thing.

Whilst trawling the web a while back I had a quick toot on the TMP and spied something that looked like it might have some balls and give us 10mm gamers something to shout about,  a bit of fresh air so to speak and this was:-

 Produced by Red Wyvern Games and written by Ian Hannam they are a set of rules written for 10mm gaming and using the same 20x40 base size that WMA used.  Now to cut a long story short after a couple of emails with Ian I've had the pleasure of having some of my Anglo-Saxons in the book. The production level of the book is great, Ive had a couple of read through's and tinkered with a few stands to see how situations pan out. The rules are written for use with Dark Age armies but I will hopefully get some games in the coming weeks with some early Feudal armies using Norman stats.I will post AAR and full review soon. But I can say with what I've seen so far I don't think the 10mm community will be disappointed. So without any further ado here's the link you'll need, go and give it a toot :-

 Yesterday I went to the Phalanx wargames show over in St Helens, This year I went over with an old gaming mate of mine from back in the days of WFB (28mm BOO HISS),  he's been out of the gaming scene for a number of years but is looking to get back gaming so Id suggested that he take a look around Phalanx to see what floats his boat. As always a nice and busy show with some decent traders. For the first time ever at a show whilst walking around I realised that a the moment I did'nt need anything!!!! I had money to spend (for once) but there was nothing that I really needed, as you know gaming a bit quiet at the moment a situation that looks as if it may get better in the coming weeks (HAZZAR!!). So other than finishing off my Scots I've not a lot to do, with this in mind I resolved to spend something. A quick toot at the Lance and Longbow stand and Id got some (Freezywater) Medieval Scots banners, then over to Kallistra for some bases whilst there I also acquired a set of their Medieval rules and army lists, I've got copies on my computer as they are a free download but you cant beat a hard copy the rule book, me and my mate got the books free from them (Thank you) and I bought  the lists book. Another circuit of the hall and Id purchased a tin of black primer from Warlord Games. Then over for a quick chat with the lads at Pendraken whilst here I ordered a unit of their mid medieval knights for use in my command stands for the Scots. and with that I was done. All in all about £30 spent (pityfull!!!!). Also noticed no Magister Militum this year, which was a shame as Im tempted to do another Medieval Italian army using their figures.
As a foot note my mate went for a Teutonic army just 6 packs for now from Kallistra, he's starting off slowly with DBA 2.2 then moving up to something a bit bigger.


  1. Sounds interesting, ill have a wee look later on. Phalanx is a good show, only been the once, but enjoyed it.

    Adler are working on a new set of 10mm Sicilian Normans and stuff in the near future too...

    Steve (The Miserable Yorkshireman)

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sicilian Normans. Any photos out yet?

    Glad to hear you still miserable ;-)