Friday, 21 June 2013

For the Scots...but what will it be?

Whilst painting more (!) Spear Inf stands for my Scots my mind wondered (as it does) and I had an idea for something a bit different to include in the army.  Here's some clues as to what it will be. But how to include it in the army? Can I build one? Will it fit? Will it just look bloody daft? All these questions will be answered in the coming weeks......or not.

I think it would have to be Grade 1 listed (if there is such a thing) as its going to be from between 1300-1400 ish.


  1. If what you are after is an example of a grade 1(A) listed bridge currently extant in Scotland, then the only one I know of is the Forth Railway Bridge (the big red iron one). All others which could be Grade A are I believe post-medieval.

  2. It can only be Stirling Bridge that you going to do :)

  3. Well it looks rather nice either way!!

  4. It 'a good idea!
    I do not know if it can help you, but here you can find some good ideas on architectural roman wooden bridges:
    I'm sure it will be a beautiful bridge!

  5. Yep those 28mm scale ones in the photos look great ,I will give it a go in 10mm .but my plan is to inculde it in the army :-) so the scaling down may look a bit crap.