Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ive said it before but....its been a while.

Hello fellow Bloggers its nearly the end of May and I've only posted twice this year! so thank you for not removing me from your blog reading list, I am still here. Also Ive noticed the Blog has had 102,761 veiws!! WOW thankyou to all the followers, viewers and tooters.Without going into to much detail its been a very busy start to the year on all fronts family, business etc and a little worrying health scare for me with more probing and testing than an alien abduction (nuff said) but all appears to be okay. So whats new? well still very little gaming, I didn't get to enter Pendrakens painting comp and I didnt get to Triples. On the painting front Ive continued a nice steady pace with the Medieval Scots, which ive now based on 40x20 bases to give me more options of gaming with them from DBA through SM and WMA and on to HC. So without any further ado and waffle here's some photos of the latest Scots.