Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Armies Muster SoW Review Pt2

Here is my second post in the Seasons of War review, in this post I will just explain very quickly the basic anatomy of the unit.
In SoW the unit stats aren't listed showing what various troop types need on a D6 stat line with Move,Shoot,Attack,Defence.Save, Leadership, Cost etc. 
In SoW you use various types of dice depending on the Troop type in the Unit, below is an example of a unit as shown in the Main Rule Book book army list section.Also all foot move 4" and all Mounted move 8". When attacking and defending in melee and shooting, results are worked out on higher against lower scores on the relevant dice type. In my opinion I think this will simplify army list writing and lessens any paper keeping during the game.

 Norman knights (Heavy Cav/Skilled)
 22pts per Base
Displine Type: D10
Morale Type: D8
Attack Type: D6
Amour Type: D8
Special equipment: Lances,Javelins
Strategic Actions: Feigned Flight

So using the above Info a 4 base unit of Norman Knights could be shown as this

1 x Unit-Hv-Sk Cav(4), D-D10,  M-D8, A-D6, A-D8.Lance/Jav-88pts

I hope all that makes some sense.Next up Battle Report and in game info 'Bloodshed Beyond the Walls of Acre. Here's a couple of photos showing the armies mustering:-

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seasons of War Review & AAR. Pt1

Well here it begins, my review and AAR of Ian Hannam's 'Seasons of War' rules published by Red Wyvern Games. First off may I say I've never written a full review before so apologises now if I don't do the rules justice, don't just take my word for it go and buy a copy you will not  be disappointed:-).
 The main rule book is a really good looking thing ;-) and contains 81 pages of everything you need to game using 10mm armies (could also be used with 6mm and 15mm) in the 11th Century including army lists for Normans, Anglo Saxons,Vikings,Franks and Bretons. The book also contains 6 battle Scenarios and a campaign tree if you want to link your games.
 But here at Grand Scale Wargaming we are not using the armies from the book or the campaign tree...Why not!? I hear you say. Well I will tell you why not, because this is a AAR to show how the core game looks and plays(common sense really). Also, and here's the really good news Ian and the nice Chaps from Red Wyvern Games have now produced a 'Core Army List' booklet which allows you to game, Id say from Ancients up to Late Medieval and giving you all the options in troop types and special equipment options to tailor those troops historically. What!!? I hear you say from Ancients to Late medieval in 10mm!? oh yes:-)

The Armies I'm using will be Crusaders vs Saracens/Mamluks in a battle report I'm calling 'Bloodshed beyond the walls of Acre' to represent one of the sorties made by the Crusaders before Acre finally fell. I've used the Core army list booklet to put the army lists together. Games can be played on a gaming table form 2'x2' to 6'x4' in size, though the author says a 4' x 4'  table should be more than enough for most games. This battle will be fought on a 2' x 2' as a starting point.  As with all war games,  armies in SOW are made up of units and put together using unit points costs, In SOW each unit is made up of  20mm x 40mm stands very much like Warmaster but unlike WM you can include a varying number of stands per unit from 1 to 12 per unit depending on troop type.To finish off this first part of the Review I will leave you with the army lists, the number in brackets is the number of stands per unit. Ive kept armies basic and simple for this review.

2  Units Knights with Lances....(4)=192pts
1 Unit Crossbows....................(2)=24pts
2 Units Medium Inf/Spear.........(4)=80pts

1 Unit Faris with lance and Bow.........................(4)=116
1 Unit Light Cav with bow and Feigned Flight..(4)=64
2 Units Medium Inf/Spear.....................................(4)=80
1 Unit Archers......................................................(2)=24

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

£100 worth of 10mm FREE!!

If you've not already seen it here's the heads up on a deal you'd be daft to miss. Pendraken are running a contest over on their Forum to win £100 worth from their 10mm  ranges. All you've got to do is guess on what day the 100k post on that forum will be. 

Here's the links:-,8974.0.html

of course I think I've already got the correct time and date so you may not be bothered entering ;-)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Links to click :-)

If you like your gaming 10mm style, here's a link to an AAR of a 10mm HYW Warmaster game that's well worth a look. It was posted  by Eric the Shed on his Shed Wars Blog:-

A while ago I was sent a set of rules by Ian over at Red Wyvern Games called Seasons of War,Days of the Conquer for 10mm dark age gaming (See previous post)
A few weeks ago they added a supplement with lists of troop types etc so the rules set can now be used for any period of history so here's another link that will be worth a click:-

Hopefully in the coming weeks I'm going to give these rules a game and post up a AAR with a this space:-)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A return to DBA.

Its been ages since my last post so first off..Glad to be back in the realm of the Grandscale:-) So without any further ado here's what's happening, my old gaming chum has been back down in sunny Lancashire for a couple of days this week so we thought we'd get some gaming in :-)  Now I've not gamed for ages, at least 2 months as its been mainly painting for me. He like wise hasn't gamed for a long time, so it was decided to play something that we would be up to speed with,  back in the day we played using many rules sets  Impetus, Warmaster and DBA being the main three. Since then  we sold off the Impetus rules (mistake), Warmaster was an option but we wanted to play at least two games in the evening changing sides after each battle. With this in mind we went for the old favourite DBA 2.2 and what better armies to use but Medieval Scots (Scotland now being his place of residence) and HYW English. What follows are a few photos of the armies in action. Both armies are from the Pendraken ranges apart from the skirmishers(psiloi) which are Magister Militum. Apologies for the quality  of the photos as the light wasn't very good. Sorry there is no commentary on the games but what I can say is both games were good fun and close with one victory for the Scots (with the buttocks of death)and one victory for the English (with a lucky dice roll). With me commanding the loosing side in both games.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Scottish command and advise?

Here's a quick photo of the main command unit of my Scottish Army. I think there's too much going on, on the stand for photos as you cant see any details and the individual  figures cant be seen, so here's just one for now until I can sort out some better photos.

As some of you know I've recently embarked on painting another 28mm Army and have started a Blog to help ensure I keep up the painting and not give up half way through as I've done on some previous attempts. With this in mind I know some of you chaps are rather spiffing painters of the bigger scales, so if you've time and the inclination could you pop over to my other Blog and push some of you painting advise my way for the 28mm scale. 

Many thanks if you do :-)

Friday, 19 July 2013

Question 1, Wargaming. Discuss. And some photos.

Just head latest news e.mail from Pen and Sword books and saw this, I think the description would some up the hobby well :-

"Wargaming is a fascinating, engrossing and exciting pastime that encompasses a wide range of different talents. In the course of pursuing his hobby, the average wargamer uses the skills of artist, designer, sculptor, illustrator, historian, librarian, researcher, mathematician and creative writer, as well as the more obvious ones of general, admiral or air marshal for large games, or perhaps lieutenant, commodore or squadron leader for skirmishes.

Not only is wargaming a pursuit which calls upon many skills, but it also covers many aspects of combat, spanning the history of our planet. With science fiction gaming, we plunge into imagined worlds many thousands of years into the future and a fantasy gamer, of course, deals with eons of imagined history, as anyone who has read The Lord of the Rings will know.

A wargamer may find himself recreating an encounter between a handful of adversaries one day, or a massed battle involving perhaps hundreds of miniature troops the next. Moreover, it is possible to play wargames that recreate warfare on land, on sea, in the air or, in the case of science fiction, even in outer space.

This book aims to demonstrate the wonderfully varied hobby of wargaming with miniatures, looking at the broad scope of what it has to offer as well as detailed explanations of how to get involved, including comprehensive rules for gladiator combat, Wild West skirmishes and the horse and musket era, as well as lots of advice for anyone new to wargaming.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to the hobby, or a veteran of many years, you’ll find plenty in The Wargaming Compendium to entertain and inspire you.


1. Basic Concepts of Wargaming
– Understanding how wargames work

2. A History of Wargaming
– A brief overview of how the hobby has evolved

3. Choosing a Period
– A gallop through military history and beyond

4. Something to Fight For
– Creating battlefields for your miniature armies

5. Assembling Your Forces
– Planning, purchasing, painting and organising your forces

6. From Small to Large
– Duels, skirmishes, large battles and campaigns – with rules!

7. Shot, Steel & Stone
– A complete set of horse and musket era rules

8. Learn by Playing
– A small battle explained, and how it links to a campaign

9. Other Aspects of Wargaming
– Naval games, air wargames, roleplaying and more

10. Advice for the Digital Age
– Digital photography and blogging

11. Resources
– Books, museums, manufacturers, wargame shows and more"

And now for a few photos from an intro game of WMA I give my mate Barry a few weeks back. They are of my Late  HYW French army. Figs are Pendrakens. Quality of photos no great as they where took using phone camera.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mongol kickstarter from Pendraken.

The chaps over at Pendraken have decided to give a Mongol kick starter scheme a go, now whilst Mongols aren't my bag I thought it would be a good idea to put a post and link up to give any anybody who'd like to give the Mongols a go the heads up for what looks like will be a great success. Heres the link:-,7752.0.html

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm in the line of fire.

A while back the chaps over at Pendraken started to post up on their forum interviews which they'd carried out with forum users and contributors. The other week Leon from Pendraken contacted me to see if  I would stand in the line of fire, I said yes. so without any further ado here's the link to my 15mins of to speak.:-),7756.0.html

More than worth a mention.

Nothing related to gaming, Time Team is of my favourite TV programs and this chap helped make it happen.So for me this is more than worth a mention. From 

The Guardian web page

Time Team's Mick Aston dies

The archaeologist and broadcaster, who found fame with the Channel 4 series, has passed away aged 66

Archaeologist and broadcaster Mick Aston, who found fame with TV programme Time Team, has died aged 66.
Close friend and former colleague Phil Harding, who also worked on the popular Channel 4 series, said he had received the news from Professor Aston's son James.
Time Team's official Facebook and Twitter accounts also paid tribute to the retired academic: "It is with a very heavy heart that we've been informed that our dear colleague Mick Aston has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family."
Dr Harding said that although his friend had suffered health problems, learning of his death just two weeks after talking to him on the phone for the last time had come as a shock.
"It just seems so incredible, like a bad dream, but unfortunately this is no dream," the 62-year-old said. "He was a seriously good mate and a seriously good archaeologist, a unique man. Everybody loved him, he just had a way with people. I cannot believe there was anybody who disliked him, he just had such a relaxed way.
"He had incredible knowledge and an effortless way of making archaeology accessible to people."
Born and raised in Oldbury in the West Midlands, Professor Aston was instantly recognisable on television for his colourful jumpers.
He lived in Somerset, and continued to take part in archaeology projects after leaving Time Team acrimoniously last year, when he accused the programme of dumbing down.
Before being named an emeritus professor at the university of Bristol and an honorary visiting professor at Exeter and Durham, he first joined the cast led by actor and presenter Tony Robinson when the show began in 1994.
Professor Francis Pryor, who also worked with Professor Aston on the programme, paid tribute to a man who he described as "remarkable archaeologist who could really dig".
He said: "I will remember him fondly - was a warm, loving, nice man. He did very good work on original British towns which is still being built on and he was an authority on monastic church archaeology and early medieval archaeology."

Friday, 21 June 2013

For the Scots...but what will it be?

Whilst painting more (!) Spear Inf stands for my Scots my mind wondered (as it does) and I had an idea for something a bit different to include in the army.  Here's some clues as to what it will be. But how to include it in the army? Can I build one? Will it fit? Will it just look bloody daft? All these questions will be answered in the coming weeks......or not.

I think it would have to be Grade 1 listed (if there is such a thing) as its going to be from between 1300-1400 ish.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Something to try and I hardly spent a thing.

Whilst trawling the web a while back I had a quick toot on the TMP and spied something that looked like it might have some balls and give us 10mm gamers something to shout about,  a bit of fresh air so to speak and this was:-

 Produced by Red Wyvern Games and written by Ian Hannam they are a set of rules written for 10mm gaming and using the same 20x40 base size that WMA used.  Now to cut a long story short after a couple of emails with Ian I've had the pleasure of having some of my Anglo-Saxons in the book. The production level of the book is great, Ive had a couple of read through's and tinkered with a few stands to see how situations pan out. The rules are written for use with Dark Age armies but I will hopefully get some games in the coming weeks with some early Feudal armies using Norman stats.I will post AAR and full review soon. But I can say with what I've seen so far I don't think the 10mm community will be disappointed. So without any further ado here's the link you'll need, go and give it a toot :-

 Yesterday I went to the Phalanx wargames show over in St Helens, This year I went over with an old gaming mate of mine from back in the days of WFB (28mm BOO HISS),  he's been out of the gaming scene for a number of years but is looking to get back gaming so Id suggested that he take a look around Phalanx to see what floats his boat. As always a nice and busy show with some decent traders. For the first time ever at a show whilst walking around I realised that a the moment I did'nt need anything!!!! I had money to spend (for once) but there was nothing that I really needed, as you know gaming a bit quiet at the moment a situation that looks as if it may get better in the coming weeks (HAZZAR!!). So other than finishing off my Scots I've not a lot to do, with this in mind I resolved to spend something. A quick toot at the Lance and Longbow stand and Id got some (Freezywater) Medieval Scots banners, then over to Kallistra for some bases whilst there I also acquired a set of their Medieval rules and army lists, I've got copies on my computer as they are a free download but you cant beat a hard copy the rule book, me and my mate got the books free from them (Thank you) and I bought  the lists book. Another circuit of the hall and Id purchased a tin of black primer from Warlord Games. Then over for a quick chat with the lads at Pendraken whilst here I ordered a unit of their mid medieval knights for use in my command stands for the Scots. and with that I was done. All in all about £30 spent (pityfull!!!!). Also noticed no Magister Militum this year, which was a shame as Im tempted to do another Medieval Italian army using their figures.
As a foot note my mate went for a Teutonic army just 6 packs for now from Kallistra, he's starting off slowly with DBA 2.2 then moving up to something a bit bigger.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ive said it before but....its been a while.

Hello fellow Bloggers its nearly the end of May and I've only posted twice this year! so thank you for not removing me from your blog reading list, I am still here. Also Ive noticed the Blog has had 102,761 veiws!! WOW thankyou to all the followers, viewers and tooters.Without going into to much detail its been a very busy start to the year on all fronts family, business etc and a little worrying health scare for me with more probing and testing than an alien abduction (nuff said) but all appears to be okay. So whats new? well still very little gaming, I didn't get to enter Pendrakens painting comp and I didnt get to Triples. On the painting front Ive continued a nice steady pace with the Medieval Scots, which ive now based on 40x20 bases to give me more options of gaming with them from DBA through SM and WMA and on to HC. So without any further ado and waffle here's some photos of the latest Scots.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Competition Painting? hmm?

Well here's the first post from the scriptorium  here at the Grandscale Wargaming abbey for 2013. Things have been busy with the real life stuff over the last month or so and painting 10mm has took a significant slump. So to get the painting back up and running Ive decide to enter Pendrakens annual painting completion with some miniatures  I'm going to paint in the coming weeks and miniatures  I've painted over the last twelve months. Im not really one for entering painting comps especially this one as some of the other chaps are really first class painters of the 10mm scale but Hey Ho lets give it a go:-)