Wednesday, 12 December 2012

6mm WMA Battle Report.

One of the people who is really trying to publicise  gaming in the grandscale of Warmaster Ancients  is Justin Taylor of VVV transfers. He is currently running practise and intro games at his local wargames shop/club, and is also organising WMA tournenments in the new year. He's just posted up an AAR if one fo the practise games so for your viewing pleasure click here and show some support :-) He will hopefully be linking in with Hail Caesar at some point? due to the rules being readily available:-)


  1. Very nice to see gamers supporting one another. This is a wonderful community.

  2. Thank you for that.

    More details about the gaming days in Preston (early 2013) are up here

    can I point you to something that might be of interest? The preview website of Van Dyke 12mm figures, Imperial Romans at the moment but they are stunning (I will try to get hold of some sample figures)