Saturday, 24 November 2012

More Barons (28mm musings)

Here some photos of the latest addition to my 28mm Barons army, these are a standard bearer carrying the  banner and colours of William Marshal. And another Baron armed with a battle axe, I struggled with this chap couldn't  get the heraldry quite right so he's the best I could do with him. The final photo shows the all the chaps (so far) as one, with a list of who's who,as always a click make em bigger:-)

So we have:

William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke and Striguil.

Aymeric de Sancto Mauro.

William Marshall's Banner Bearer.

William, Earl of Ferrers and Derby.

Ranulf de Blundeville, Earl of Chester.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A link for Barons.(28mm Musings from the Cloisters)

Here is an example of the heraldry references I'm using  in putting together my Barons army. And  links to the sites for those who want to view the complete lists .

I've just finished a Standard Bearer and another Knight, so should have some photos posted soon.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

More painted 10mm Scots...and a slight diversion.

Blimey! it's been over a month since my last post, whilst gaming is still very thin on the ground at the moment the painting goes on!! Here are the latest units for my Medieval Scots army one is a unit of dismounted men at arms and one a unit of archers.

And now for the slight diversion.My enjoyment of painting and gaming in 10mm knows no bounds but as has happened in the past my butterfly nature flits to the bigger scale every now and then. So chatting to my mate who moved to sunny Scotland we decided we needed a project so we could game a couple of times a year on his odd trip back to sunny Lancs or any trips I take to Scotland. So we've gone for Basic Impetus as a rules choice, Impetus being a game we used to play every week back in the day its a great game, we both sold our rules books when he moved (nobody else around here plays)so being tight fisted northerners (well I am he's from a bit further south) we've gone for the free version:-) Wanting it to be a wargaming on the cheap project(no point spending big bucks on something that will be used a few times a year) we've gone for a period with plastics available Medieval /Feudal Europe. So Fire Forge games will be getting my spending money for this one. I'm basing my army around the time of Magna Carter and a little later 1215-1220ish. I found a resource site showing all the coats of arms of the knights who witnessed the will of king John and the barons who oversaw the Magna Carter. even though 28s aren't really my scale for painting I really am enjoying putting this army together. Here are a few photos of the first knights, not great but when they are together in the army they'll look okay.
I will apologise now for post 28mm on my 10mm Blog but its a great way of letting each other know how the armies are coming along. I will title future 28mm posts 'Musings from the cloister'  so if you don't want to view the big stuff you know not to read. I would do a separate Blog but I've tried that before and it didn't work out how id hoped. Anyway enough wittering here's the photos.