Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Kallistra web site.

Over the last few months the Kallistra web site has been promising a new look web site, well its now up and running and I've got to say it probably one of the best 10mm web store type about.There are loads of very nice eye candy photos(to make you want to spend your money)navigation is easy and from what I clicked on which was a lot, there are photos of all the figures they sell. The link is on my links list but here's the link if you don't want to be tooting on the links list:- hmm? lot of links in that:-) Also I noticed they are now producing a rather nice Trebuchet, I've no doubt this is for use with the up and coming Siege warfare supplement for their Medieval rules.The publication quality of these rules is very good and they are free to download (Shame you need the hex system to play) Here is a couple of photos that will make you want to buy some more 10mm!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Medieval Scottish Spear.

Here is the latest unit for my Medieval Scottish Army. I've tried dabbling in some scenic base type thingy by adding English Knights charging into the ranks, wooden stakes and various grasses.This also involved a little cutting, filing off shields, lances and arms etc and making new limbs from green stuff (at 10mm I'm not sure its worth it).I'm also trying a different look to my painting as I'm wanting to give the Scots a more...hmm, in the middle of the battle look, if you get my meaning. I think when viewed at the normal gaming distance they look good but close up they just look badly painted.Give em a click see what you think:-)First there's a painting of a Medieval battle showing the look I want to achieve, then the Scots.