Saturday, 8 September 2012

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.".

Well after a bit of a rant a few days ago which seems to have got a bit of discussion going, which is good, as that post was just the fuse, Now for the big bang!!! (so to speak). As I said in the post one thing that perplexes me is the lack of rules developed for 10mm gaming. Well I think Ive found the answer and Id like as many Bloggers and gamers to help out with comments, criticisms and general finger pointing (all of which should be constructive of course). A while ago a chap by the name of Daniel Mersey (he of the Dux Bellorum fame) started to develop a set of medieval rules 'Scottorum Malleus' which he has now kindly allowed people to download for free so they could give it a go and hopefully post some feed back, if you check out Dalauppror's Blog he has some great AAR's of the game as it stands. Here's the link to one of the games and his Blog:- Anyway back on track, a while ago I e.mailed Mr Mersey and he kindly e.mailed me a PDF of the the rules, all I can say is if you haven't got a set, get hold of them even in their basic bare bones they are great. After a thorough read through I decided to e.mail him about trying to get these developed for some serious 10mm gaming, and while at the moment they aren't meant for one scale or another he'd be happy to see some serious feed back with ideas and the like. So my next project wont be a painting one it will be a gaming one using and trying out 'Scottorum Malleus' and id like if when Ive posted up reports and ideas you chaps and chapesses could throw your ideas in the mix as well. Daniel Mersey does every now and then pop in the cloisters to read the Bishops Blog and will hopefully post some feed back, he has said that 'Scottorum Malleus' isn't high on his to do list but if there is enough feedback it could move up the list.So here's a chance to try and get a set out there for 10mm gaming.Why not download a set and give it a go and comment with your experiences. I'm also looking at some point down the line giving away an new unpainted 10mm army for the best idea which will hopefully be voted for by Dan Mersey or I will post ideas as a poll for the gaming community to vote on, Im not sure which yet.


  1. Hi Jason

    Nice that you like Scottorum, I do so to;)

    Still need play testing but I absolutely thing Dan have something going here.

    Will follow your playtest with greate interest.

    Thanks for the whrite-up of my blog:)

    Have a nice weekend

    Best regards Michael

  2. If you need an opponent Jas ill happily give you a game


  3. Nice one Robb, that would be great :-)

  4. I'll look forward to some reports!

  5. Ive sent an email off to Dan M, hopefully ill have a copy soonish, im planning to try it out with my crusader stuff (I know its 15mm...)

    Are there army lists for Crusades in it?


    1. Not realy, there are only guidelines to create your own, so It wouldent be any problem for you te make some up.

      Looking forward to that AAR to:)

      Best regards Michael