Sunday, 5 August 2012

"An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told" reposted

Due to a Blogger glitch I had to delete and repost Sorry if your viewing this twice and sorry to the chaps who commented.Here is a very brief report of my club game this week against Robb's Carthaginians. Both armies set up with centre and two flanks (as always with 6mm it looked bloody massive!) I committed all my cav on the left flank hoping to catch Robb on the hop and sweep all before me....bad move Rob got his charge off before me and swept me before him.Turn two and my left flank had gone!!( more or less). Mid game my centre fared better with the Legions braking his elephants in close combat and pushing on into his main line.The Roman quality was starting to count (perhaps Rome could take the day), unfortunately the Carthage numbers began to count for every stand to fall another replaced it and Carthage skirmishers where all over the place stopping access to the the rest of the army and then some quality from Robb and Carthage got stuck into Rome and by the end phases of the battle Rome began to fall!!!...."let our death be quick as the shame shall be eternal! or something like that:-) A great game with Robb and WMA as always and Carthage took the day. Here's a few photos of the game in no particular order:-


  1. Excellent game, and as always, a pleasure to play against you Jas

  2. Carthaginians seem to be a highly effective army even without having any super troops (apart from the elephants of course).

    It does seem to come down to hordes of skirmishers blocking your own troops whilst the Carthaginian player gets to choose where to attack. Well played Rob.