Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Busy week ahead.

Well just back from my sunny hols and its time to get some gaming and Blogging in, Ive got a game at the club this week in 6mm I will be taking on Robbs Carthage with my Romans using WMA I will try and get some photos taken. I'm also giving 'Scottorum Malleus'  a go at some point this week against one of my lads who aren't big gamers so too start with will be using single base( 40x20) units (40x40 for cav) on a 2'x2' field of battle and to keep it simple for first try out I will be using my War of the Roses armies Bill, Bow knights on foot and some mtd Sergeants I will take some photos an do an AAR. Also this week I'm hoping to get some photos up of my Late HYW French from Pendraken.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Its been a while.

Ive not posted in a while so I thought it best to make a quick post as to what has been happening in the Grandscale world of The Bishop Lord:-) well, the Late Medieval French are coming along very nicely (photos to follow). Also Ive received a copy of Daniel Mersey's fast play Medieval rules 'Scottorum Malleus' on first reading they look great, although they are still in a play test unfinished way they look well and I cant wait to give them a go in the coming weeks:-) If you've not seen Daniel's Blog it can be found here:-

and is well worth a look with details of Daniels other work 'Dux Bellorum' which is out soon published by Osprey I believe.