Monday, 11 June 2012

More projects past.

Whilst flicking through this months WSS at the weekend I noticed an article on 6mm gaming which is good to see. The figures featured where from Rapier which are a nice 6mm cast, Ive a few mates who use their figures but they one of the manufacturers that Ive yet to paint and game with. Looking at all the 6mm armies arrayed for battle I thought it may be a good idea to show some of my 6mm from some time back when me and a pal used to game mainly in 6mm Waramster and then Impetus and then after a couple of years, back to Warmaster again (lots of re-basing!!) So here are some photos of my Romans and Seleucids in 6mm the manufacturer is Baccus.

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  1. I've bought 7 ancients armies from Rapier to replace the 10mm I sold. These will be used for our DBA Ancients campaign (to represent the main protagonists as well as the surrounding kingdoms and empires).

    I've found Rapier easy to paint - the only issus is flash (expecially between the legs and on the spears). But once painted they look really good.

    An overlooked manufacturer who needs more recognition.