Saturday, 16 June 2012

"English go home to your wives!..."

After a slight rest bite in the 10mm figure painting for a couple of weeks (took time out to paint some of my Kallistra castle and an Arab camp) time to get the next project up and running. This will be a Late HYW French army base very lightly on the army that battled the English  at Formigny. Initially it will be based on a Warmaster list but I'm having to use the early list as the late list puts Pike in, which was later.I may go for the mid/late list but that has two units foot knights as a compulsory and at the moment I ain't got none. I'm reading the books below to get any required info.
  And I spotted this book in Waterstones last week, just to get even more in that Medieval state of mind.Its one of my favorite TV documentaries if you not seen it search it out its well worth it.So finding the book has been reprinted (I missed the first edition) Ive just have to give it a gander.

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  1. Be interested in how you find Conquest.
    I loved Agincourt, but finding it hard to finish Conquest.