Saturday, 23 June 2012

Arthur de Richemont 1450.

Heres the first command stand for my new Late HYW French Army it is Arthur de Richemont at the Battle of Formingy 1450, I used the painting by Graham Turner which is in the Osprey 'Fall of English France 1449-53'as a guide. I had bought some banners and standards for the Battle of Formigy but I cant find them so Ive decided to hand paint all heraldry and standards (hey ho its worth a go.)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

"English go home to your wives!..."

After a slight rest bite in the 10mm figure painting for a couple of weeks (took time out to paint some of my Kallistra castle and an Arab camp) time to get the next project up and running. This will be a Late HYW French army base very lightly on the army that battled the English  at Formigny. Initially it will be based on a Warmaster list but I'm having to use the early list as the late list puts Pike in, which was later.I may go for the mid/late list but that has two units foot knights as a compulsory and at the moment I ain't got none. I'm reading the books below to get any required info.
  And I spotted this book in Waterstones last week, just to get even more in that Medieval state of mind.Its one of my favorite TV documentaries if you not seen it search it out its well worth it.So finding the book has been reprinted (I missed the first edition) Ive just have to give it a gander.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baggage Train reviews.

A while ago I added the link to the links list for The Baggage Train and noted at the time that the photos on there site didn't really show the figures well enough for any judgment on quality to be passed. Well Ive just come across two recent reviews on Risk warmaster site.For those of you who dont play WM or those of you who have yet to visit the WM site, here's a few photos to wet your appetite, for full reviews and more photos click the links. Im not sure who did the review but thanks to him (or her)we now have a good view of the Baggage Train figs and they look good to me :-)

Monday, 11 June 2012

More projects past.

Whilst flicking through this months WSS at the weekend I noticed an article on 6mm gaming which is good to see. The figures featured where from Rapier which are a nice 6mm cast, Ive a few mates who use their figures but they one of the manufacturers that Ive yet to paint and game with. Looking at all the 6mm armies arrayed for battle I thought it may be a good idea to show some of my 6mm from some time back when me and a pal used to game mainly in 6mm Waramster and then Impetus and then after a couple of years, back to Warmaster again (lots of re-basing!!) So here are some photos of my Romans and Seleucids in 6mm the manufacturer is Baccus.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ECW Early Parliamentarians completed!

As regular readers of this Blog will know earlier this year I decided to leave my Medieval period comfort zone and paint and game something completely different. So I embarked on an English Civil War army/project, initially for a Warmaster variant but with the release of Pike and Shotte from Warlord, a slight rejig and hey presto! A different army and rules set in one swoop (well not that much difference in rules set) So here we have the completed army which is an early war Parliamentarian. The figures are from those chaps at Pendraken, I hope these photos will be a guide as to what is available from them and give any potential 10mm ECW dabblers the urge to take the plunge. So without any further a do and waffle, give em a click:-)