Thursday, 31 May 2012

What have we missed out on?

Whilst reading a few posts on the Yahoo Hail Caesar group I came across a post from last week around the time that Warhammer Historical announced they were to cease trading, the post was by Rick Priestly and in it he mentioned that he'd written Warmaster second edition but they didn't want it!! I quote:-
I did have a second edition of Warmaster done - it was just not wanted - I figure you just have to move on:)
I wounder what the differences would have been and what have we missed out on?


  1. I really can't be doing with GW, they really do amaze me at times

  2. Gotta agree with Robster, GW can kiss it!

  3. I agree about GW, but would've been interested in WM 2. But as Rick said , sometimes you have to decide to move on - which I'm doing l. Now just to find a set.

  4. I think Hail Caesar is probably very close to what warmaster II would have been. And i fully agree with everyone above about GW.

    For me, its no great loss, at least in the hands of Warlord games HC will be supported. New army books etc. Unlike Warhammer historical.


    1. Yeah I'm guessing along the same lines.

  5. I suppose the strength of HC compared to WMA is in it's customizability. It takes several types of basing and scale, and players are encouraged to experiment and play the narrative, not the rules. I don't quite see it as a tournament game however (and it is definitely not meant to be one). I still ordered a copy of WMA while I could.

    Somehow the HC rules have a feeling of being somewhere between warhammer and warmaster. The unit special rules definitely have a distinct warhammer-y taste to them.