Monday, 7 May 2012

Need some Blogger help.

Hello all, as you can probably see the Blog has a new look.Not originally by design though!! I started messing with the settings and the look of the Blog and completely buggered it up! So had to redesign, anyway two days later and Im more or less back on track :-) Apart from when the blog is clicked on the Font of my title jumps and changes (as you may have noticed) and then settles. Does anyone out there in the Bloggerverse know how to amend this slight problem? Thanks, Jason.


  1. Blogger's templates have to load the special webfont data, so the flicker you see is the page rendering with standard fonts, then suddenly repainting the text when the webfont is loaded and ready.

    It's difficult to avoid the delay/flicker, but I know that the widgets can slow down the page loading a lot, particularly the 'followers' widget.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the info :-)


  3. Just a quick observation: I'm using Chrome on an older Linux laptop, and it seems the metrics of the chosen webfont here are different from the Arial font that initially is shown at startup, so the headline text wraps to a second line when the page initially renders, then the more decorative font kicks in and the headline only requires one vertical line.

    You might want to experiment with making the headline font size smaller in your template - it might reduce that initial 'kick' when the new font takes hold.

  4. What scottz said basically!

    I bugger around with my templates all the time. I'm sticking with Flipcard for the time being...

  5. Cant answer your question Jason But I think you new look are realy nice +++ for the medieval picture at top:)

    Best regards Michael