Friday, 4 May 2012

More 10mm ECW.

Last night saw the first game of Warlords 'Pike and Shotte' rules in 10mm.We played the game at my local club Copple And Chorley Knights (CACK for short)This was quickly named, The skirmish of Chorley Brook. In which two Parliamentarian armies fought each other over who owned a muddy cow field and not a brook or stream in sight. Typical northern chaps if they've nobody else to fight they will fight each other :-) All in all we found the rules to be very good for depicting battles during the Civil wars (as they should,that's what they were written for!) With the rules any base sizes can be used they (the authors) recommend for 10mm half the 28mm size. Which works out at:- (width and depth)
  • Standard Pike 40 X 40
  • Large Pike 60 x 40
  • Standard shotte 40 X 20
  • Large shotte 80 X 20
  • Cav 60 X 40
  • Artillery 40 X 20
 For those of you who like their armies to do as they are told this is not the game for you, Once you've got your game plan in mind and deployed anything can happen, some of the time things go as you plan and at other times this is not the case,great fun. I would recommend it to anyone with a liking for the period to give it a go. Here's some photos of the latest Lads who side for Parliament, M'lord Essex and Hampdens regt of pike and shotte and couple of artillery pieces.


  1. Great looking figures, i have some ECW in 10mm too, another period i like

  2. Jason, they look great. Im sorely tempted, but one look at my lead mountain persuades me against it!