Monday, 21 May 2012

ECW game,Triples and whats next.

First off here are a few of photos of last weeks ECW game using P&S which was played at the club. Great game was had by me and Robb, here is a very brief report. Both armies where Parliamentarians which meant as before it was a local dispute regarding cattle, fields and a busty wench from the local tavern. The game started well for me with everything moving (which is always nice) I took up position with my main foot and cannons between a wood and a hedge both protecting my flanks, a unit of Pike and shotte went up the lane to protect the my right flank and give covering fire(that was the plan).My cav on the left flank galloped off over the fields to hopefully nullify the threat of Robbs cav and try and take advantage of any gaps towards his centre.Robbs cav on his right flank stalled for most of the game then suddenly in the last two turns sprang into life going head to head with my cav whilst his foot advanced and held the centre ground of the battle field. And so the stage was set with the clash of steel resounding from the cavalry fight on the flank and the sound and smell of musket and cannon fire from the center and right flank. As the sun set and the smoke cleared it was a well fought victory for Robb.Doesn't matter though as the cows have seen better days and the field is more of a bog and the wench...hmm? well I suppose it does matter about ye olde busty wench :-)
This weekend I went over to the Dark place(Yorkshire) to visit the Triples wargames show in Sheffield, it was the first time Id been to Triples since its location move, there was plenty of space for all the Traders in the new location but the number of attendees seemed down on previous years, maybe the previous venue was smaller so there seemed more people there the last time I went.Anyway I presented Leon at Pendraken with their Certificate and Trophy for being voted best 10mm 2012,he's going to get a photo to me which with a small write up I will send to the wargames press to see if we can get it in one of their publications. Kallistra and Magister Militum where also present at the show, whilst talking to Kallistra they mentioned that their Medieval Siege rules will be out soon (something to look forward to).I picked up the finishing troop choices for my ECW army from Pendraken so once these are painted I will post up, also whilst at Pendraken I decided on my next Project which will be a late Hundreds Years war French army,so with two army packs bought from them, a quick trip to the Lance and Longbow society stand and Id got all the relevant banners and standards I need.Another quick trip to a book stall and some detailed reading matter(book) was acquired, job done.Oh and some unit stands from Magister Militum.Whilst at the show I got another Tower and Wall section from Kallistra to add to my growing fortifications collection.


  1. Wish I'd known you were going - could have said hello!

  2. When was it on? Bugger ive been sat just up the road in Northallerton all weekend too!! I even tried to ring you, i suppose you were busy at the show!

    Looks like a good game this Pike and shot, i may have to get the book.

    Oh, good looking game too.


  3. Hi Phil, I was going to put a post up before I went but forgot.
    Hello Steve, I got your missed call on Sunday I was there Saturday, rang back and left you a message


  4. Nice looking game!! Looking forward to seeing your new HYW project start.

  5. Yeah it was a great game, very enjoyable. I was thinking Italian Wars for my next army but if your doing HYW French I may go HYW English (hmmm lots and lots of longbows lol)


  6. Very nice gaming pics.

    Looking realy good even small minis;) Realy feel that you get better gaming distances with the smaller mins compared to 28mm...need large tables...but I suppouse I newer will managa to paint a 10mm mini again, to hard to see them clearly nowerdays...

    Best Regards Michael