Friday, 11 May 2012

Where can I find a 10mm Windmill?

I'm getting together some more scenics for my ECW project and Ive been trawling the web looking for a decent 10mm Windmill but at the moment Im unable to find one. Has anyone out there seen one about? The type Im after is like the one in this drawing of Naseby.Warlord make one but its for the 28mm chaps.


  1. The only windmill I'm aware of in 10mm is the Bend Sinister one which is Peninsular War Period (

  2. Irregular has a 10mm windmill, but it looks like the more substantial stone-based variety.

  3. Faller make an N gauge one (sorry link is to Japanese shop!)

    At the other end of the detail and price range I've found this 1/200 scale card model.

    At $4.50 it might do a job if you just want it for a scenario. Probably not going to be a long term investment though..

  4. Thanks for the links chaps :-)