Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Baggage Train link added.

Ive just added the Baggage Train link to my links list. For anyone who hasn't seen their products they produce a lot of very nice resin scenery in various scales but plenty 10mm and 6mm, Ive got a resin road and river set and these are of a good quality.They also produce some 10mm figures seems to be mainly Ancients at the moment but they will be producing some Early Medieval later this year starting with Normans. Not sure of the quality of the sculpts or cast as unfortunately I couldn't enlarge the images on their site.

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  1. I know Steve from the baggage train. Most of his 6mm stuff is superb (we'll be using it for Sword Beach). I think he'll be at Triples.

    I've mentioned the need to get decent photos on the site for many years.

    You can see some of his stuff on my blog - like this