Thursday, 31 May 2012

What have we missed out on?

Whilst reading a few posts on the Yahoo Hail Caesar group I came across a post from last week around the time that Warhammer Historical announced they were to cease trading, the post was by Rick Priestly and in it he mentioned that he'd written Warmaster second edition but they didn't want it!! I quote:-
I did have a second edition of Warmaster done - it was just not wanted - I figure you just have to move on:)
I wounder what the differences would have been and what have we missed out on?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Another ECW command stand.

Here's the latest command stand for Pike and Shotte, my parliamentarian chaps are now nearing completion so I will list and post up full army for those who are thinking of doing a Pendraken army and want to see how their ECW figs paint up. Anyway enough waffle for now, this is my last command stand for God and Parliament. Photos are a bit ify but give em a click :-)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Kallistra War wagon.

Browsing the net last night and noticed Kallistra have released a new East European Medieval war wagon with bombard.Nice :-)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Broadside is on its way. Heed the call gamers!!

Ive been led to believe that the adverts for this show haven't been advertised in the war games press when the organisers have place the adverts with the relevant mags, so here's the details, spread the word and help the chaps out :-)
This year our show is sponsored by Pen & Sword Books publishers of Military, Aviation, Maritime and Wargaming books
Sunday 10th June 2012 Swallows Leisure Centre, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4NT
10am to 4pm - Entrance Fee JUST £3.00! (non wargaming partners and children under 16 free when accompanied by a paying adult)
We have 37 traders, 14 clubs and 26 games!! why not take a table at our new Flea Market style Bring and Buy?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pendraken take the trophy.

Just a quick post to show the trophy Pendraken won (thanks to you chaps) for best 10mm 2012.It was taken by Leon on their trade stand at Triples last week.

Monday, 21 May 2012

ECW game,Triples and whats next.

First off here are a few of photos of last weeks ECW game using P&S which was played at the club. Great game was had by me and Robb, here is a very brief report. Both armies where Parliamentarians which meant as before it was a local dispute regarding cattle, fields and a busty wench from the local tavern. The game started well for me with everything moving (which is always nice) I took up position with my main foot and cannons between a wood and a hedge both protecting my flanks, a unit of Pike and shotte went up the lane to protect the my right flank and give covering fire(that was the plan).My cav on the left flank galloped off over the fields to hopefully nullify the threat of Robbs cav and try and take advantage of any gaps towards his centre.Robbs cav on his right flank stalled for most of the game then suddenly in the last two turns sprang into life going head to head with my cav whilst his foot advanced and held the centre ground of the battle field. And so the stage was set with the clash of steel resounding from the cavalry fight on the flank and the sound and smell of musket and cannon fire from the center and right flank. As the sun set and the smoke cleared it was a well fought victory for Robb.Doesn't matter though as the cows have seen better days and the field is more of a bog and the wench...hmm? well I suppose it does matter about ye olde busty wench :-)
This weekend I went over to the Dark place(Yorkshire) to visit the Triples wargames show in Sheffield, it was the first time Id been to Triples since its location move, there was plenty of space for all the Traders in the new location but the number of attendees seemed down on previous years, maybe the previous venue was smaller so there seemed more people there the last time I went.Anyway I presented Leon at Pendraken with their Certificate and Trophy for being voted best 10mm 2012,he's going to get a photo to me which with a small write up I will send to the wargames press to see if we can get it in one of their publications. Kallistra and Magister Militum where also present at the show, whilst talking to Kallistra they mentioned that their Medieval Siege rules will be out soon (something to look forward to).I picked up the finishing troop choices for my ECW army from Pendraken so once these are painted I will post up, also whilst at Pendraken I decided on my next Project which will be a late Hundreds Years war French army,so with two army packs bought from them, a quick trip to the Lance and Longbow society stand and Id got all the relevant banners and standards I need.Another quick trip to a book stall and some detailed reading matter(book) was acquired, job done.Oh and some unit stands from Magister Militum.Whilst at the show I got another Tower and Wall section from Kallistra to add to my growing fortifications collection.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Projects past.

Whilst sorting out the Template problems with the Blog the other week I started looking through all the photos of armies and projects past and thought it may be a good idea to reshow something every now and then. So here's one that I sold on from back in 2009,it was a Burgundian Ordonnance army using Kallistra miniatures and based for Impetus. It got rebased for warmaster and new banners fitted and so became an Italian Condotta army.Had a good few games with in both incarnations and played well in both Impetus and Warmaster,then I sold it! 
As always click to enlarge and heres the link to the main post which has  photos for those who want more of a toot:-)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Baggage Train link added.

Ive just added the Baggage Train link to my links list. For anyone who hasn't seen their products they produce a lot of very nice resin scenery in various scales but plenty 10mm and 6mm, Ive got a resin road and river set and these are of a good quality.They also produce some 10mm figures seems to be mainly Ancients at the moment but they will be producing some Early Medieval later this year starting with Normans. Not sure of the quality of the sculpts or cast as unfortunately I couldn't enlarge the images on their site.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Where can I find a 10mm Windmill?

I'm getting together some more scenics for my ECW project and Ive been trawling the web looking for a decent 10mm Windmill but at the moment Im unable to find one. Has anyone out there seen one about? The type Im after is like the one in this drawing of Naseby.Warlord make one but its for the 28mm chaps.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Need some Blogger help.

Hello all, as you can probably see the Blog has a new look.Not originally by design though!! I started messing with the settings and the look of the Blog and completely buggered it up! So had to redesign, anyway two days later and Im more or less back on track :-) Apart from when the blog is clicked on the Font of my title jumps and changes (as you may have noticed) and then settles. Does anyone out there in the Bloggerverse know how to amend this slight problem? Thanks, Jason.

Friday, 4 May 2012

More 10mm ECW.

Last night saw the first game of Warlords 'Pike and Shotte' rules in 10mm.We played the game at my local club Copple And Chorley Knights (CACK for short)This was quickly named, The skirmish of Chorley Brook. In which two Parliamentarian armies fought each other over who owned a muddy cow field and not a brook or stream in sight. Typical northern chaps if they've nobody else to fight they will fight each other :-) All in all we found the rules to be very good for depicting battles during the Civil wars (as they should,that's what they were written for!) With the rules any base sizes can be used they (the authors) recommend for 10mm half the 28mm size. Which works out at:- (width and depth)
  • Standard Pike 40 X 40
  • Large Pike 60 x 40
  • Standard shotte 40 X 20
  • Large shotte 80 X 20
  • Cav 60 X 40
  • Artillery 40 X 20
 For those of you who like their armies to do as they are told this is not the game for you, Once you've got your game plan in mind and deployed anything can happen, some of the time things go as you plan and at other times this is not the case,great fun. I would recommend it to anyone with a liking for the period to give it a go. Here's some photos of the latest Lads who side for Parliament, M'lord Essex and Hampdens regt of pike and shotte and couple of artillery pieces.