Monday, 2 April 2012

Down a country lane.

Here's some photos of my final command stand(for now) of my ECW project,Ive gone for showing the back of a marching column of troops going down a country lane or back road,to get to the field of battle. I'm quite happy with this one(though once again photos where taken in poor light). Ive also included a group photo of all three stands all of which now have black edges. Now onto some units :-).I posted the question on the 'Warlord' forum as to if 'Pike and Shotte' can be used with 10mm, the answer came back there is an appendix in the book to allow the rules to be used for the smaller scale miniatures,which is good news.Well enough twaddle here's the photos give em a click:-)


  1. Those command stands are simply amazing. Wonderful details and naratives.

  2. Absolutely stunning. I particularly like the tree being mounted on the base. Really great stuff.

  3. They really do look great.

    Looking forward to seeing some units!


  4. I've been meaning to ask, how big are the bases? Looks great!

  5. Very good looking command stands !

    Best regards dalauppror

  6. Excellent stuff mate.

    Are you planning a big game?


  7. Once again thanks for the comments chaps and in answer to some of the questions:-

    @ Darrell not sure how big the games will be just club night battles

    @ fireymonkeyboy the bases are 50mm.