Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kallistra release Historical Rules set.For free.

Kallistra have added to their free Hordes and Heroes rules set with a Historical version.Looks like a decent release with a book of army lists to use along side of the main book, as with the Fantasy original it's Hex based and uses the same basing as Warmaster.So with TB lines Anticamente also on the market maybe I should do a game off.But I know where my colours will be pinned :-)
Ciao :-)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Rules on a stick!

Ive just seen this on the 'Baccus' news page for those of you with a tablet type thingy or smart phone a new way to read and use your rules.Is it the fiutre? for me no I like bound paper rule books, but for some....?

Link here:-

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Best 10mm you have decided, is...........

Well the Poll for 'Best 10mm' has come to an end for another year.A big thank you to everybody who took the time to vote, again this year it was into the hundreds! :-) So here are the top three in reverse order:-
  •  In third place with 16% of the vote are....Magister Militum.
  • In second place with 33% of the vote are ...T B Line.
  • And now to first place with 47% of the vote are....PENDRAKEN!!!
Yep for the third year running Pendraken have topped your list of 10mm manufacturers, well done to them. They are not here in person to collect the trophy so as last year we will see them at one of the up and coming shows this year and present them with the trophy there. Also well done to TB Line and Magister Militum for coming second and third. I will try to get in contact with the winners for some back stage comments.
Here's  the rest of the field:-

  • 4th Kallistra
  • 5th Alder
  • 6th Irregular
  • 7th in joint placeSteve Barber and Old Glory
Well done to all :-)and thank you for brining us gaming in the Grandscale.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Down a country lane.

Here's some photos of my final command stand(for now) of my ECW project,Ive gone for showing the back of a marching column of troops going down a country lane or back road,to get to the field of battle. I'm quite happy with this one(though once again photos where taken in poor light). Ive also included a group photo of all three stands all of which now have black edges. Now onto some units :-).I posted the question on the 'Warlord' forum as to if 'Pike and Shotte' can be used with 10mm, the answer came back there is an appendix in the book to allow the rules to be used for the smaller scale miniatures,which is good news.Well enough twaddle here's the photos give em a click:-)