Thursday, 15 March 2012

Best 10mm 2012? as always you decide.

 Its here at last! forget the Oscars and BAFTAs etc this is the only one that counts. The 'Bishops! and as always you the 10mm gamer decide who it goes to. In a change from previous years the historical range is from Ancients to Napoleonics,so no tanks this year chaps. Over the last two years, hundreds of you chaps have voted and the award has gone to Pendraken both times! will they make it a hat trick or will one of the others take their crown?
So all that's left to say is get your votes in, the poll is on the left if you havent already seen it :-)



  1. What about Bend Sinister's Redline Napoleonic range?

  2. Blimey!! I knew Id forget one. I will send them a certificate of apology and a guarantee to be in next years poll :-)