Sunday, 25 March 2012

10mm ECW rules,are these the answer?

Warlord have released the front cover art for their 'Pike and Shotte' rules but will they be usable with 10mm?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Another ECW command stand.

Here's some photos of the latest command stand for my ECW project.I'm not 100% with the brown edging, I will probably repaint black.

More poll details.

Despite what the Blogger poll machine says, the last date for votes is Saturday 7th April 2012, Also apologies to those who have not been listed, these where brought to my attention and should have been added but the poll thingy would not allow me to add more. So for next years poll I've have registered with another poll so hopefully things will go a little smoother. Lastly a big THANK YOU to everyone who has voted so far and as you can see at the moment Pendraken are ahead of the field again (for now).If you know someone whos not voted get them to give it a click.

Jason :-)~

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Best 10mm 2012? as always you decide.

 Its here at last! forget the Oscars and BAFTAs etc this is the only one that counts. The 'Bishops! and as always you the 10mm gamer decide who it goes to. In a change from previous years the historical range is from Ancients to Napoleonics,so no tanks this year chaps. Over the last two years, hundreds of you chaps have voted and the award has gone to Pendraken both times! will they make it a hat trick or will one of the others take their crown?
So all that's left to say is get your votes in, the poll is on the left if you havent already seen it :-)


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A new venture.

Every now and then I get the craving to paint and game in 28mm (boo hiss) and some of the escapades get posted on here so when I decided to put together a 28mm WAB Medieval army to keep the cravings at bay I also decide to set up a new blog to record its progress( I find this helps when the progress flags a little). So here's the link for those who want a toot.This will also stop me posting 28mm stuff amongst the glory that is 6 and 10mm :-)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saracen camel riders.

Here's the latest unit for my Saracen army,Camel riders. Although it is highly unlikely they were really used in battle, they where used to guard baggage trains by both the Saracens and the Mamluks, so I thought id use some of TB Lines camel riders as Light Cav to add some variety. TB Line's Arab/Saracen range has got to be one of the best out there in 10mm and I think they are mid priced being more expensive than Pendraken but cheaper than Magister Militum they well worth a look:-) Unfortunately my painting on these chaps doesn't do them justice.