Saturday, 7 January 2012

First set of Village Buildings complete.

Thanks for the comments on the previous WIP photos of my buildings for ECW.To answer a few questions, the roads are from The Baggage Train, and Hi Steve, yep they are just printed on thin card. So the first sets of theVillage Buildings are now complete. As you will notice they are mounted and positioned differently than the previous photos this was due to me dropping something on two of the buildings (not a good idea when they are made from thin card). Im quite happy with how they've turned out, one of the sets was made some time ago but I thought Id post it with the new ones. The hedges on the new ones are the standard Woodland scenics bush pack, and on the older set of buildings these are from Irregular miniatures.


  1. Very effective. If you hadn´t of said I wouldn´t have guessed that they are made of card.

  2. Jas, the are great, now really looking forward to our first game


  3. Very good work !

    Looks greate !

    Best regards dalauppror

  4. Yep looks great, i wouldnt have known they were made of card either.


  5. Looking very nice!
    I made the same buildings a few years ago and didnt treat them very nice - I'll try and dig up a picture of them before they got thrown out :-).
    They do, with a bit of work (as you have done) look very nice and with a heavy base no one should be able to tell the difference (which led to their somewhat shorter lifespan at my place :-)):

  6. sono veramente bellissimi!! Complimenti!!
    great job!!


  7. Yep, very affective and very nice. have you tried a foamboard core? I have found this to work very well and it withstands a lot of knocking around. Great work is the more to come?