Saturday, 17 December 2011

ECW inspiration.

While I wait for my first 10mm ECW army to arrive from Pendraken,Ive been looking around for some initial inspiration and I thought Id share some of my findings. First off trying to get exact colours for uniforms, clothing arms and armour used is a minefield, everyone and every book has a different opinion.The best piece of advise was given to me at a show a few years back by Peter at Baccus...." if you put a line down the middle of this room (the hall at Fiasco show) and one side became Royalists and the other side Parliamentarians there you have it, both sides look the same, same colour and style of clothing same arms and armour". So I'm not going to get too hung up on uniform colours but I will try and be as accurate as poss using the books Ive got and some articles and pictures off the are the covers of the first books I will use: -
Also found some Chris Collingwood sample pictures:-
Here are some small articles from Renegade the pictures are 28mm but the articles and ideas behind them for any scale:-

Also Nik Harwood over on the Pendraken posted up this Battle rep/AAR well worth a look:-,389.0.html

And lastly:- Some Parliamentary (probably?)rallying and marching tunes courtesy of YouTube and the ,Watersons. Not sure about the validity of these tunes to be from the period but certainty give the feel.

And of course there's the Film 'Cromwell' not very accurate but looks great and full of classic battle scenes and oneliners... "GOD dam this king!". "MANCHESTER do you not know we are at WAR!,I will fight this king then if need be I will fight Manchester as well!" etc etc :-)

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  1. I found the Osprey book on the ECW an excellent introduction. Short, concise but to the point and all the major elements you need for wargaming the ECW are there.