Thursday, 15 December 2011

Another project added!!

All additional Saracens/Mamluks for my fall of Acre games are now finished,so let the gaming begin!!So now I'm wondering what new army to build next? I fancy doing another Pendraken army and after some thought as to what Pendraken army is next? Shall I stay in my comfort zone and go for another Medieval army, French HYW or Italian Condotta both armies Id like to have but Ive loads of Medieval armies I fancy something different. Do I go for another Dark age hmm? Ive not finished my Saxons (ended up putting them with the Normans to make an Anglo Norman army,and I'm more than happy with the results) so dark Ages not a good idea. Ancients? all my ancients are 6mm so no point going ancients. So without further ado Ive just ordered some ECW, way out of my comfort zone Ive had a small ECW 28mm in the past but I'm going to go big with this one!(hopefully). Ive got some reading on the subject,and I believe Father Christmas is bringing 'Massacre, the storming of Bolton' book,I live on the edge of Bolton and the local pub has the skull of the chap who removed the Earl of Derby's head from the rest of him, behind the bar.And there's lots of ECW sites close by for inspiration so should prove interesting.I'm also going to post up progress on the Blog. Any advise from you good men would be appreciated.The starter army has been ordered should give me 1000pt Warmaster ECW army,a chap at my local club has devised some additions for the WM rules,I will also be looking at Warlords 'Pike and Shotte' rules when they come out. Heres the starter list:- 1 x General 4 x Pike/Shotte 1 x Gallopers or Trotters(not sure which yet) 1 x Cuirassiers 2 x Cannon


  1. Looking forward to watching this progress!

  2. Me too. ECW is something my older brother is interested in, so i may wean him off FOW yet!!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on.


  3. Movie 'To Kill a King' is visually interesting. An all round fascinating period, good luck with it.