Saturday, 10 September 2011

Late Anglo-Saxons to do battle with the Dark Age Welsh.

Here are some photos of my finished DBA Late Anglo-Saxon army to pair against the Welsh(next on the painting table). As mentioned in earlier posts these will expand to Warmaster and Hail Caesar as shown in the photo set ups.As with all 10mm armies best viewed on mass at a distance but if your feeling brave give em a click for that close up look ???!!!As always sorry about the photo quality it really is time for a new camera:-)


  1. Very nice looking Anglo-Danish:) army.

    You realy get the feel of a unit even if only one base, but even more then you put 6 together and get a unit with 60 minis in it.

    Good work, looking forwar to se the army expande.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Looking good, never fails to impress.

  3. Great army! never did 10mm myself but tempted lately, like the massed look and real army sized battles
    Cheers, Michael

  4. Nice looking Anglo Saxons. I am curious what figures you will be using for the Welsh.

  5. Very nice, will look great when used en-mass for HC.