Saturday, 6 August 2011

Musings on 'SAGA'

Just back from a week on the Isle of Man, and now I'm really up for some Dark Age gaming. As mentioned previously this will take me from DBA through Warmaster and hopefully on to Hail Caesar. But also after reading some web articles on 'Saga' from Gripping Beast (aimed at the 28mm gamers) I'm musing if it could be used with stands of 10mm rather than a single 28mm figure.I wounder if any of you chaps have any thoughts on this?

There's plenty info out there about Saga but if you've not seen any here's a few links.


  1. I'm definitely going to give Saga a try, but in 28mm. I have enough 28mm dark age terrain and figures to play without having to paint anything. I might try Gripping Beast's 'Big Battle' dark age rules a try in 10mm though.

  2. I can't see why you can't use 10mm figures, you may have to alter the movement and ranges, but what I saw from the games at Salute, you'll probably be able to use them straight out of the book.

  3. Suppouse I to have to try out SAGA....

    Best regards dalauppror