Saturday, 13 August 2011

10mm and 6mm Articles in the wargames press.

After posting links to the interviews with the chaps from Pendraken and TB Line on TMP forum with the little comment "the fact that the wargames press give 6mm and 10mm wargaming little…neh! NO! coverage" Henry from Battlegames posted this:-

"However, a perusal of Battlegames back issues will show that I do, in fact, cover smaller scale stuff on a regular basis:

Issue 26 – Warmaster hidden deployment
Issue 25 – GHQ micro-armour teaser
Issue 24 – Manzikert 1071 10mm Warmaster Ancients
Issue 23 – 6mm ancients painting article
Issue 22 – 6mm ancients basing article
Issue 19 – Solferino 1859 featuring pics of 6mm set-up
Issue 17 – Arsuf 1191 10mm Warmaster Ancients
Issue 15 – interview with Peter Berry and 6mm ACW scenario
Issue 11 – 10mm ancients display game article
Issue 10 – 10mm ancients featured in photos
Issue 8 – Nano-scale (2mm) armies
Issue 7 – Sans peur et sans reproche: 10mm hex-based renaissance rules (lots of pics)
Issue 6 – Warmaster: rules for all seasons? (with 10mm pics)
Issue 5 – modelling 10mm WW2 paras part 2 (painting piece)
Issue 5 – Operation Sealion (6mm BKC)
Issue 4 – modelling WW2 10mm paras part 1
Issue 2 – wargaming difficult historical battles (6mm)

Well, how about that?


And this was also posted by (Architectus Militaria)
Paul Davies:-

"But by way of a response to the suggestion that W.I. doesn't allegedly feature photographs of, or articles on, smaller scale figures and miniatures, I'll just mention the following for starters as these are copies that I happen to have readily to hand:

Issue 239
2 page article on Shiloh supported by 5 photographs of 6mm Baccus figures.
3 photographs of 1/285th Modern game.

Issue 248
4 page article on Lakka River featuring 6 photos of 10mm Magister Militum figures

Issue 250
Review of 10mm Magister Militum Mongols with photographs

Issue 254
2 pages on the Great Baccus 6mm Painting Challenge with 6 photographs.
How to make a 1/300th scale Nile gunboat.
Review of Magister Militum 10mm Napoleonics.
6 page Vietnam air war article featuring 1/600th aircraft.

And I can remember reviewing some of Adler's beautiful 6mm Napoleonic figures a while back.

And a bit more recently:

Issue 261
Battle of Pydna 168BC. 8 page article including 7 photographs of Magister Militum 10mm figures, most of them considerably larger than life!
Gettysburg. 9 page article including 6 photographs of 6mm Baccus figures.

Issue 267
Review of Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British .

And as you read through articles, such as those in Issues 280 and 281, you'll notice that quite often a few photographs of 6mm figures are dropped in to illustrate a particular point"

Thank you for the reference's chaps,I for one will be looking up these past issues
.....That's told me :-)


  1. Brilliant list - thanks for sharing.
    I especially like the sound of "Warmaster hidden deployment". If you read that article could you please give a review of it?
    all the best,

  2. Just goes to show that there is more than meets the eye out there in the wacky wonderful world of wargaming. Or is that Transformers in disguise? I forget. Anyway, just found your wonderful blog, so I thought I'd post a comment.

  3. This is a great resource but I have to say as a committed curmudgeon I'm not sure WI need to be shouting about the fact they feature two entire wargaming scales about once every 6 months...

    Seems to prove your point. BG on the other hand I think have shown they are on board.


  4. Like the blog, this is what 'little' armies should look like!

  5. Thanks for the comments,glad you like :-)


  6. Now I need to work my way finding many of those articles.