Friday, 15 July 2011

La Navas de Tolosa 1212, Hail Caesar Battle report.

Last night I had my first game of Hail Caesar, as mentioned in earlier posts it was to be a recreation of La Navas de Tolosa(more or less) fought on 16th July 1212 so we weren't far off date wise.So off I went to my local club Coppull and Chorley Knights,CACK for short :-). Even though the club has loads of great scenery I took my own boards, scenery and both armies for that dusty Spanish plains look. The army lists used, again are the ones posted in an earlier post (for those that want to know the lists used),the only changes we made were we dropped the turcopole from the Spanish/crusader western Europe alliance army and added another unit of Berber Spear to the Almohades,we also took the 'Drilled' option off the Mercenary spear.My opponent for this one was to be Steve(Yorkie)of 'Little Legions' Blog fame( for those that haven't seen his Blog here's the link, give it a look its one of the best Blogs about)
So in the company of a gamer like Steve and a rules set like Hail Ceasar I knew I was in for a great game and I wasn't disappointed.The victory conditions for this one where for the Christians to take and hold the hill in the centre of the Almohade line and for the Almohades to take the Christian camp/baggage within six turns.What follows is a brief report, sorry for the vagueness but it was our first game and we where taking photos,so details taken down were a little non existence.(click the photos for a close up of the action :-)Sorry for the quality of some of the photos,I will be getting some better ones posted shortly)
So on a HOT and dusty Iberian plain both armies lined up and with the shouts and cries of "for god, Alfonso and Spain!!" the Christian army advanced,apart from the left flank which stubbornly held its ground.
With the shouts and cries of "Allah the one true god!! may god be with us!!"
the Almohade left and right flanks advanced whilst the centre stood firm.
The Spanish centre advanced,its left flank still refused to move and the knights on the right flank moved only once,crossbows in the Spanish centre shot and hit a unit of Berber spear at the foot of the hill causing a hit.The Almohade right flank moved to hold the Spanish left at bay and hoped to take advantage of the open Spanish center the light cav moved but the heavy cav failed its command roll to take the center. The mercenary crossbow shot at a unit of Hospitaller knights and sent them back disordered,the Spanish advanced in the center but failed to make it to the Almohade line, the knights on the Spanish right flank charged the Mercenary left flank of the Almohades, this left flank was hard fought for a few turns until the Spanish knights finally broke through.In the centre the Spanish faltered resulting in the Almohades Breaking through and on the right the Almohade cav eventually crushed the Spanish left,so with the Spanish camp/baggage in sight and one combat and move away. Then the Christian knights smashed the Almohade left flank and took the hill and pushed the Almohades off the far side. With this final move the game was over.Here are some photos taken during the battle showing the action described above.Steve also took some photos which I will post as soon as i have them.
Here's a picture of the Knights diving the Almohades off the hill top you'll notice that the thundering hooves made the camera shake:-)
Hail Caesar is a great game I would recommend to anyone, give it a go you will not be disappointed,Warmaster has always been my game of choice,but the king is dead long live the king.


  1. Great looking game and report!


  2. Don't forget, A before E in Caesar.

    Did you notice any particular thing that was worth doing or not doing in the game to create a particular advantage? Is a frontal knightly charge just as good as one in the flank?

  3. Great game. Hopefully we will be able to have a re-match before i go.

    A flank charge is always better as it creates disadvantages to the unit that has been flanked.

    Weapon wise, a unit of heavy foot with long spears will disorder a frontal charge for cavalry, so getting in the flanks is a must really.

    Small units of light troops need to be in open order to get the most out of them, as they are much more flexible.

    The biggest lesson learned for me was the need to keep a strong battle line, have units in a position where they can support each other in combat and protect your flanks!

    Looking forward to getting another game in!


  4. I like that both armies had a different objective for victory. Did you adjust the distances at all or used the same values as in the rulebook?

  5. Hello chaps thanks for the comments,it seems Knights are best on the flanks a few more games to be 100% though.We Kept all distances the same as in the book and it worked well.'A' before 'e' is how I thought Id spelt it thanks for the heads up on that Justin.Steve let me know if you can get another game in before you go.


  6. Hi Jason, i have tried to email the pics to you but its not working for some reason?????

    Anyway, i have uploaded the photos to photobucket here -

    You should be able to get them off there.
    Hope it works.


  7. Nice report and a great looking battle!

    I'm looking forward to my first battle since the rulebook is still on its way by mail..


  8. Thanks for a realy interesting and good AAR:)

    Best regards Dalauppror