Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hmm? Help needed from fellow Bloggers.

Recently for some reason Ive not been able to post comments on blogs that I'm following(sorry chaps),it doesn't happen all of the time and sometimes it posts my comments as anonymous? Has anyone any ideas what the problem may be?



  1. If you untick the "remember me/password" box it should work ok.
    After a while it should go back to working ok...

  2. Sometimes I have the same problem from my work computer (should be doing work eh?!). Haven't been able to figure out why, might be something to do with connecting through a network? It's annoying as I don't always remember to comment later on.

    Anyway, you are not alone basically, thats the only thing I can offer. Hope you can figure it out.

  3. Bishop,

    My experience confirms Donogh's advice. Additionally, I'd recommend going to and logging in there directly.

  4. Switch to Google Chrome, I had the same issue, but all is fine now...

  5. Chrome does help and its a lot faster then Microsoft. Also delete all your passwords and history every other day, for some reason this helps as well.

  6. I happened to have the same problem, using anything else as the IE seems to help.

    Don't know if this will ever get fixed, but I really hope so.

  7. Have the same problem when using Internet Explorer but it work fin using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    best regards Dalauppror