Friday, 17 June 2011

Warmaster English Civil War,some quick musings.

With all recent gaming and painting projects coming along nicely or finished and in need of a change and with the soon to be sold 28mm ECW going,thoughts have returned to ECW but this time in 10mm. Not wanting yet another rules system to use I was thinking of putting together two armies for Warmaster one of the chaps at my local club has come up with two army lists and a few special rules for the period. So after some debate with fellow gamers as to scale, 10mm appears to be most popular.With me putting together both armies it didn't really matter for me but if others are to join in at some point best to go with the general consensus.Looking to try the Pendraken range for this project Ive not used any Pendraken for a while my
10mm Wars of the Roses and El Cid armies are from Pendraken, so it will be a change to revisit an old favorite manufacturer and a new period of history to paint and game with in 10mm.

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