Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Phalanx Wargames Show, my tale.

Just got back from the Phalanx show and thought Id tell you a tale I'm sure you already know, we've all been there. At the moment as mentioned in a previous post all projects finished(so I thought) or going along very nicely,looking at moving into ECW 10mm for a change from Medieval(Favorite)and WWII and various other bits.
Woke up this morning not sure if I should go to the show,there nothing I need at the moment maybe a few paints and I could have a look at Pendraken ECW army packs,what the hell I may as well go and have a look, took some cash just in case but I should be bringing most of it back. Got to the show just as doors opened at 10 o'clock Bring and Buy looking very busy I thought I will have a look later and into the main hall we go as always plenty of Traders. First stop for me Dave Lancesters' (of Lance and Longbow fame), book stall, and there it is the book I NEED 'Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300' its a book Ive needed for many a year(ask my good friend Tony)but on this day of not NEEDING I NEEDED this book,Dave very kindly gave me a small discount so I bought it :-).First purchase (but I thought I didn't NEED anything?).Next Stop Caliver books to see when the Medieval Warfare magazine is out I know its not out(HMM?)so I will just get a release date and be on my way no need to spend money here "its over there, just in" says the man, Bugger! thinks I, had a look at it Vol 1 Issue 1 and what a great looking thing it is ...How Much!!? but its worth it and I NEED it, I pay for it and I'm on my way to look for more things I don't in to say hello to Magister Militum and buy some of their Warmaster bases and I'm off again.Next I stop in at Pendraken to give Leon and Dave the Trophy they won for Best 10mm earlier this year(better late than never) had a nice chat with Leon and Dave then I have a quick look at the ECW army packs I like em but do I NEED them? yes,so I put them back (!?) and have a look at their Arab army packs nice, a pack of these will fill out my Andalusians (which is all Pendraken) :-) next thing Ive bought the Arabs and the paints I needed with a quick cheerio to Leon and Dave I'm on my way again.I had a look on the Bring and Buy, thank god nothing I need from there and so one last look around the show lots of people about, lots of good traders and as always some great looking demo games,though none in 6mm or 10mm that I could see which wasn't good,Had a chat with friends old and new from the various local clubs Ive played at, and was one my way out,one last look at the Kallistra stall next thing I know Ive bought a round tower,connecting walls and another wall section from their resin fortifications range to add to my castle, I didn't NEED it, the castle did. So away went I:-) Phalanx 2011 for me a show not NEEDING anything and came away with a bag full of things I didn't NEED, don't you just love this hobby :-)

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  1. I think we've all been there Bishop when it comes to not buying stuff. With regards to the ECW Warmaster idea you mentioned, check out the link below for some nicely fledged out rules and lists.