Monday, 27 June 2011

And so it begins.

As I've mentioned previously I'm looking to play Hail Caesar with my Warmaster armies.So after a few read throughs of the HC rules I made some magnetic sabot bases to mount the WM units on.The frontage of HC standard Inf units (120mm) is the same as a WM units,depth isn't really an issue but for the look of it I decided to go 40mm depth,so two WM Inf make one HC unit.Cavalry in HC is also 120mm frontage for standard units, so as with the Inf two WM Cavalry make one HC Cavalry.For my Skirmish Inf and Light Horse I will be taking them in small units so Ive gone for a frontage of 40mm so two WM bases frontage and again two deep(4 WM stands). So my next decision has been which armies to try it out with? Romans vs Seleucids, Wars of the roses or my Feudal Europe and Crusader armies? Ive gone for a Feudal/Crusader vs Andalusian both of which are big armies and getting bigger :-) so plenty troops to muster on a dusty field of battle beneath the HOT Iberian sun. So with the Concierto de Aranjuez, Adagio playing in the background Ive put the lists together and here's what you get in HC with around 2250pts of WM.

Feudal Europe/Crusaders, 14 Units in 3 Divisions(commands):-
1st Division:-
4 X knights (heavy cav)Eager, Tough Fighters.
1 X Turcopole (light Cav) Feigned Flight, small unit.

2nd Division:-
2 X spearmen(Heavy Inf)
2 X Crossbow (Heavy Inf)
1 X Skirmisher. Small unit

3rd Division:-
2 X Spearmen (Heavy Inf)
1 X Crossbow/Archer (Heavy Inf)
1 X Peasant/Pilgrims (Medium Inf) Freshly raised.

Andalusian,14 Units in 3 Divisions(commands):-
1st Division:-
3 X Andalusian Nobles and Mercenary Knights (Heavy Cav).
3 X Jinets (Light Cav).Feigned Flight, small unit.

2nd Division:-
3 X Berber Spear (Medium Inf).Fanatic,Wild Fighters.
1 X Berber Archers.

3rd Division:-
2 X Andalusian/Mercenary Spear (Heavy Inf)Drilled.
1 X Archer/Crossbow (Medium Inf)
1 x Skirmish Bow.Small Unit.

I have some more Berber spearmen on the painting table that may be finished before battle commences, if they are I will let them swell the ranks of the Andalusians.
Hopefully I will post some photos of the armies arrayed in the next day or so, and then after that once the battle has been fought I will post an AAR with photos.

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  1. The list looks good and the back drop is always fun.