Tuesday, 28 June 2011

10mm Hail Caesar Armies.

Here's some photos of the two armies that will be being used for the first game of Hail Caesar as mentioned in my last post these are Feudal/Crusaders vs Andalusian.The Crusaders/Feudal are from Magister Militum and TB Line and the Andalusians are from Pendraken.These armies are my Warmaster armies and as such have probably been seen previously but I just thought i would post these to show the look of 10mm armies based for Hail Caesar.(as I always say click on photo to enlarge)


  1. Very impressive - I have started a Baccus EIR army, but it has ground to a halt at present....

  2. I concern. Very impressive. Makes me want to break out my 6mm Crusader army. It was painted at least 15 years ago, and wouldn't stand up to the job you've done with this army.

  3. That is some truly stunning work!!!!! That's amazing looking armies!


  4. 10mm seems to be the way with Hail Ceasar. Great army view.

  5. Jason,

    looking really good. I may get the book myself, and use my EIR and Britons. Im still confused by the whole basing issue with HC. Maybe if you bring the book next time im at the club then you could explain it to me, as id like to use my Crusaders too, but there is no way im rebaseing them!!


  6. Hi Jason

    This looks realy impresive ! Which table size are you planing to use? and about the distances? cm?

    Best regards dalauppror

  7. Thanks for all the comments :-). The table size is going to be 6'X4' for now and Im keeping movement in inches while Im trying it out,


    1. Were using 8'X12' of board and we changed all measurements from inches to cm. We will also be increasing our board size soon.