Friday, 13 May 2011

A rules set for 10mm?

Finally got myself a copy of Hail Ceasar,going to give it a go with some 10mm armies to see how it compares with Warmaster, its looking good.Will post up some AAR when battle is complete.


  1. I would have thought that it would work very well when you think of the origin of the rules Jason.

    I own a copy but I haven't read it yet (I have odf course admired the pictures!) as I lazily gave it to another club member to read ;O)))


  2. Im hoping it will work with units based for Impetus.

    Im tempted to get a copy myself but am holding off, i dont want to buy into another set of rules, maybe that ill never use.....

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  3. Yep, after first read through your right Darrell it will work very well with WMA armies.Steve it will also work with Impetus armies, two stands will be one unit in HC.If you want to give it a game I could bring two armies and rules to the club one week or give it a game at mine if you don't want a game of HC on a club night.

  4. Sounds good.

    We will have to sort somthing out. Im away again this week but should be back on Saturday.

    will the rules work for WOTR? I suspect they will.....