Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another unit of Feudal Europe Knights completed.

Here's some photos of the completed knights. Miniatures are TB Line,Transfers(used on all but two) are from Veni Vidi Veci 10mm and 15mm ranges and the banner is by Freezywater from the Holy Roman Empire sheet,the heraldry is a little late for these knights, more 14th/15th Cent than 12th/13th Cent but using artistic licence I think it fits in rather well.I started out out wanting to put together a Medieval Scandinavian army,but over the last few units painted they've ended up being Holy Roman Empire on campaign with my other Crusading army or more crusaders. This said the whole army could cover most Feudal/medieval armies of the time.As always click em to make em bigger, but they do look better smaller, not really for up close viewing :-)


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  2. Jason,

    Above post deleted due to typos.... I'm giving myself 100 lines later :I)

    They are exceptionally neatly painted for something in 10mm!! Good colour selection too, though that is sometimes out of one's control when it comes to heraldry.

    Great job!


  3. Very nice looking unit, i noticed that the front right fig on each base has blue heraldry, is this a clever way of keeping track of which base belongs to which unit in a game? Or just a coincidence?

    Anyway, looking good.


  4. Thanks for the comments chaps.They'll do for 10mm. I know there are some people who like to paint 10mm as good as 28mm taking the same time and methods etc, but I feel painting 10mm is about the look of the whole army. Steve, I'd like to say its a clever way of keeping track of stands, but its just coincidence :-)