Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Feudal spearmen.

Here's the start of yet another unit for what is becoming a one vast Feudal Europe/Crusader army or I'm looking at making it into two big armies:-).The miniatures are some more from the talented Italian chaps TB Line. Ciao :-)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another unit of Feudal Europe Knights completed.

Here's some photos of the completed knights. Miniatures are TB Line,Transfers(used on all but two) are from Veni Vidi Veci 10mm and 15mm ranges and the banner is by Freezywater from the Holy Roman Empire sheet,the heraldry is a little late for these knights, more 14th/15th Cent than 12th/13th Cent but using artistic licence I think it fits in rather well.I started out out wanting to put together a Medieval Scandinavian army,but over the last few units painted they've ended up being Holy Roman Empire on campaign with my other Crusading army or more crusaders. This said the whole army could cover most Feudal/medieval armies of the time.As always click em to make em bigger, but they do look better smaller, not really for up close viewing :-)

Friday, 13 May 2011

A rules set for 10mm?

Finally got myself a copy of Hail Ceasar,going to give it a go with some 10mm armies to see how it compares with Warmaster, its looking good.Will post up some AAR when battle is complete.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Primed and ready to go.

Well the knights are now on the horses and shields attached to the knights(TB Line Cav comprise of 3 piece figures).Primed and now the fun starts. Here's a quick (but naff quality) photo of the chaps primed and ready.

Getting back to the 10mm :-)

Wanting to get back to some 10mm painting and not sure what to paint(Ive a large pile of unpainted 10mm just staring at me every time I go in the cupboard). Ive got a Anglo-Saxon army from Pendraken to finish but just got to be in the right frame of mined to paint all that Warband. So I've decided to add some more TB Line to the Feudal Armies, Here's a couple of photos of the start, IE in the box :-)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'O miserable and luckless race!' or whats been on the painting table lately

So not posted for a while, heres some photos of whats been happening on the painting and gaming table. At the moment Grand scale painting and gaming is non existent???(why?), as is only fair I will also play others in their chosen scale of 28mm so with the arrival of the 'Clash of Empires' rules I thought I'd best finish off my latest 28mm project.So here is my Wars of the Roses Lancastrian army,apart from the hobilars,(not finished yet or even bought for that matter)I went for a winter basing because I wanted it to represent the winter 1460/61 Wakefield to Towton campaign.I replaced the weapons on the French troops(from the previous photos)from pikes to DHW type, the French Banner is the later French banner not quite sure what it should be I was thinking of using the banner for de Brézé who fought for the Lancs in 1462 but a bit late and I couldn't find a picture depicting what his standard was.I used Perrys mercenaries pike to represent the Scots spear,using muted paint scheme to make them look a little drab,Again the only info for a banner was the arms for Douglas the 5th earl of Angus but he didn't fight for the Lancs until 1462 also I tried to hand paint his banner (couldn't find one ready made) I found this TOOO difficult so decided to use the Scots nation banner which was used in the middle ages, so will do.Coat of arms on the Crossbowman's Pavise is Margaret of Anjou's.The only other banner painted free hand was Henry VI's which I used as the ASB.The Hobliars will take Clifford's banner when they are done.All other banners are Perrys. Just painted for the wargames table and wanted quick so all painted using Army Painter on some fig's or Devlen Mud wash on others to speed things up.Just the Hobilars and some command bases for CoE to finish them off.(Sorry for the photo quality, give em a click for a bit more detail).Hopefully getting back to painting some 10mm soooon.